TechTip: Reset a Xylan/Alcatel OmniStack to Factory Defaults

Following steps will reset a configuration on most Xylan/Alcatel OmniStack switches and routers. All current configuration, including user name, password, network and interface settings will be lost.
  1. Interrupt the boot process by pressing any key during startup (when prompted).
  2. Type in "c" in Boot: prompt to change boot parameters, confirm everything and just type in”0x1000” in the Boot Flag field.
  3. When back to Boot: prompt type "S" to save configuration
  4. When back to Boot: prompt again, type in "@" to load new configuration and reboot.
After the switch reboots the default login is "admin" and default password is "switch". To change the default password type "pw admin" and change to a more secure one.

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Anonymous said...

This worked great. Good clear instructions.