TechTip: Microsoft Outlook rules for auto-forwarded messages

At some point, one of the managers in the organization decided to forward all announcements from a particular vendor to the entire team, as an FYI. This got a bit noisy, so I had to research how to create an Outlook Rule to automatically filter all auto-forwarded messages from this sender into a separate folder.

The answer is to create a rule that looks for the "X-MS-Exchange-Generated-Message-Source: Mailbox Rules Agent" message header. Do do this:
  1. Start the "Create rule..." wizard in your Outlook.
  2. On the first, "Select conditions" step, choose "with specific words in the message header".

  3. For the words, add "X-MS-Exchange-Generated-Message-Source: Mailbox Rules Agent" and click "Add", then "Ok".

  4. Add any other conditions you would like to match before taking the actions (e.g. the "Sender:" address on the message).
  5. Select the actions you would like to take on matching messages in the next step.
  6. Finish naming and creating your rule.
All future auto-forwarded messages matching your conditions will be filtered by this rule.

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