TechTip: disable spanning tree on a Xylan OmniStack

Entire Port Group

To disable spanning tree on an entire port group in an Alcatel/Xylan Omnistack use the following commands in the console:

/ % vlan
/VLAN % br

/VLAN/Bridge % stc

You will prompted to change the the Group parameters in order, starting with the spanning tree parameter. Just change the first parameter to OFF by replying "y" to the first prompt and leave the rest unchanged by pressing Enter without entering anything.

To display the parameters of the Group use the following command under the VLAN/Bridge menu:

/VLAN/Bridge % sts

Individual Ports

To disable Spanning Tree on individual ports on the Alcatel/Xylan Omnistack, use the following commands:

/ % vlan
/VLAN % br
/VLAN/Bridge % stpc

(enter "next" or "previous" to navigate through the list of ports until you see the one you need to disable Spanning Tree on, note the number in the first column - this is the index number of the value you need to modify, replace {index#} below with it)

savecancelnextprev : {index#} c=n
savecancelnextprev : save
savecancelnextprev : cancel

To view the spanning tree status of the individual ports use the following command from the VLAN menu:

/VLAN % vi


If you are having problems connecting two switches together, even after disabling Spanning Tree - remember that Alcatel/Xylan OmniStack does not do Auto-Uplink so you need to use a cross-over cable. If you need to reset the switch to default settings, please refer to this article.


Rich Davies said...


Would you happen to have any documentation PDF's (command reference, etc) for the Alcatel Omnistack Xylan?



Oleksiy Gayda said...

Hi Rich,

All the PDF's I have for Alcatel are from their website (you can Google them with "omni filetype:pdf" or "command reference filetype:pdf"). Hope this helps.