TechTip: Juniper SSL VPN (SA-series) error

If your users are receiving " - secure gateway denied the connection request from this client" errors when trying to establish a Network Connect session to your SA-series Juniper SSL VPN appliance, and you have already checked all of the following possible causes described in this Juniper KB article, this, this and this forum posts ( account may be required to access):
  • Sun JRE version
  • Driver signing certificates
  • Conflicting applications
  • Software firewalls
  • Hardware firewalls
  • Connection profiles
  • IP pools
  • DNS settings
  • NCP settings
  • Network routes
  • NC Connection Profile ACLs
  • etc.
try this:
  1. Login to the administrative interface on your appliance
  2. Navigate to Maintenance - System - Platform
  3. Click Node Operations: Restart services
Note: this will do a "soft reset" of your SA-series IVE, disconnecting all currently connecting users (since you're here troubleshooting the, it's pretty safe to assume that you don't have any users that can connect, however you can confirm that by navigating to System - Status - Active Users).

Arguably Maintenance - System - Platform - Node Operations - Reboot would do the trick as well, but it would definitely take longer since you would have to wait for the appliance to run hardware checks and start the OS.

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